About Us

Psychoneuronet is an universitary and inter-university working-team involving professors and researchers from many research areas, such as Neuropsychology, Psychophysiology, Cognitive Psychology, and Communication Psychology. They all work with the Department of Psychology of the Catholic University of Milan, as well as, informally all over Italy (Bocconi University, University of Milan, Neurological Institue "C. Besta", and others).

The experimental requirements and the clinical background of some members of the group allowed to develop succesful applications to many domains of neuropsychology and psychophysiology.

The research group works in the Department of Psychology of the Catholic University of Milan, where the common activities between different groups take place and specific events are organised. Our activities usually locate in the Laboratory for Cognitive Psychology.

Address: Largo Fra Agostino Gemelli 1, Phone Number: 0039.(0)2.72342233
  20123 Milan, Italy Email:  michela.balconi@unicatt.it