The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan boasts a long tradition in psychology. Father Agostino Gemelli - the founder - was a physician and psychologist who gave so much to the study of psychology in Italy as to be considered a leader in the field by people of all opinions and beliefs.
He was an advocate of psychology as an autonomous science in terms of both methods and subjects and valued its links to others disciplines - in particular to philosophy and biology.

At the Faculty of Psychology of the Catholic University, Prof. Michela Balconi and her assistants are involved in various educational activities in the field of neuropsychology and neuroscience.
Further, the research group is a committed and active promoter of many education opportunities designed for students, practitioners, and experts. Namely, we regularly plan and organize workshops, courses, lessons and conferences on hot neuropsychological topics (please see the Event section for the newest pieces of information).

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Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Classes

Neurosciences and Wellbeing in the Lifespan – Michela Balconi, Prof.

2016-2017 Course Program
Neuromarketing and Psychology of Advertising – Michela Balconi, Prof. - Beniamino Stumpo, Prof.
2016-2017 Course Program
Neuropsychology – Michela Balconi, Prof.
2016-2017 Course Program
Second-Level University Master Program in Neuropsychology

The postgraduate Second-Level University Master Program in Neuropsychology focuses on theoretical and practical aspects of clinical and experimental neuropsychology, and aims at educating knowledgeable researchers and clinicians in the field of neuroscience. During the classes, our students have the opportunity to learn main theories of cognitive functioning and pathology, to gain expertise in the use of neuroscience techniques and tools (e.g. cognitive testing, non-invasive stimulations, biosignal recording), and to learn the basis of neurorehabilitation.

The Master educational program includes also a training period under the supervision of expert psychologists or physicians who works in the field of neuropsychology or neuroscience, where attendees have the opportunity to make first-hand experiences in a real working field.

The Master program is directed by Prof. Michela Balconi and is part of the education opportunities offered by the Post-graduate School of Psychology "Agostino Gemelli" (ASAG).

Up-to-date information on the Master Program in Neuropsychology can be found in the following webpage.

PhD School in Psychology

The PhD School in Psychology of the Department of Psychology offers courses, opportunities for research, and professional training to postgraduate students, and promotes high-level research in various fields of psychology – such as neuropsychology and general, developmental, educational, social, health, work, organizational, and clinical psychology.

Prof. Michela Balconi is a member of the Faculty and of the Educational Committee and is actually involved in organizing and managing the “Quantitative Research Methods” course.

Up-to-date information on the PhD School in Psychology can be found in the following webpage.