Neurocognitive Empowerment

What is meant by neurocognitive enhancement? Is it possible to enhance cognitive performance of healthy subjects and to improve the deficient performance of patients with different types of deficits? Specifically, neurocognitive enhancement or "neuroenhancement" consists of the use of various neuroscientific techniques that, by acting on the brain and nervous system, increase individuals or patients’ cognitive performance of healthy. Specifically, neurosciences observe and analyze new approaches of neurocognitive enhancement and applied neurorehabilitation to enhance cognitive abilities, subjective well-being and processes of emotional regulation in wellness and clinical settings. Through different types of neuroscientific tools, it is possible to improve specific cognitive functions such as attention, perception, and memory. Indeed, recent researches have shown the efficacy of these techniques to enhance the complex tasks performance and the acquisition of skills related to demanding professions requiring high responsibilities and organizational skills of healthy individuals. The new frontiers of cognitive neuroscience, therefore, observe the possibility of enhancing performance within professional contexts and companies.

Keywords: Neurocogntive Empowerment; Peak Performance; Cognitive Enhancement




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