Neuroeconomics and Neuromanagement

How is it possible to combine neuroscience and economics? Neuroeconomics is considered as the discipline that unites neuroscience, economics, and psychology to study the way individuals choose, observing the role of the brain during decisions making and considering risks and rewards. In particular, the neuroeconomics is interested in observing the representation of neural networks when individuals complete personal choices, express preferences and buy products, allowing us to see emotions and mental processes underlying specific decisions. Another area interested in the processes of choice and purchase of individuals is neuromanagement that uses cognitive neuroscience and technology for economic and managerial purposes. In particular, neuromanagement focuses on exploring the behavior of the brain and mental processes to investigate human decision-making and other social behavior.

Keywords: Neuroeconomics; Decision making; Emotions; Mental processes; Neuromanagement

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Research Unit in Affective and Social Neuroscience

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