Eye Tracking


Eye-Tracker X120

 The Eye Tracker x120 is a device designed for stand-alone eye tracking that analyzes some components of visual behavior such as response times, accuracy, attentional focus etc. of real flat surfaces or scenes like physical objects, projections and video screens. Specifically, this tool offers a real-time response to the subject/patient's visual behavior with good spatial/temporal resolution, offering an indirect measure of attentional abilities such as orientation, allocation and focusing.


Tobii Eye-Tracker

 The Tobii Eye Tracker is a tool that can detect indices related to the movements of the eye or track the movement itself in the face of adequate stimulation, in order to relate stimulation and movements produced. This tool is able to provide information about measures associated with the complexity, salience, fruition and management of the processing of a stimulus or of a product allowing to obtain an indirect measure of the attentive capacities of the individual or patient (as orientation, allocation and focus).


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