Psychoneuronet is an international research team contituted by professors, researchers and professionals from many disciplines - such as cognitive-affective neuroscience, applied neuroscience, psychophysiology, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, and communication psychology.
The team is based in Milan, at the Department of Psychology of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.

Our mission is to carry out high-quality basic and applied research in the fields of experimental and clinical neuropsychology, as well as cognitive, affective, and social neurosciences.

Our research activities primarily focus on affective and social processes, communication skills, and cognitive abilities and their neural and bodily correlates, as well as on application of neuroscience methods and notions for affective-cognitive empowerment and rehabilitation in pathological pictures.

Our research activities actually benefit from the access to an ample set of investigation and intervention tools and grounds on the integrated used of various methodologies, including electroencephalography (EEG, ERPs, Source Localization), functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), recording of autonomic indices (EDA, ECG, EMG, skin temperature, breathing metrics), eye-tracking, non-invasive brain stimulation (TMS, tES), and biofeedback-neurofeedback.


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Handbook of Sport Neuroscience and Psychophysiology" - NEW BOOK by Roland Carlstedt & Michela Balconi

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Research Unit in Affective and Social Neuroscience

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

Largo A. Gemelli 1 - 20123 - Milano, Italy

Email: info@psychoneuronet.com