Maria Teresa Angelillo

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Maria Teresa Angelillo is a PhD Student in Learning Science. She is a member of the Research Unit in Affective and Social Neuroscience. Her research interests concern clinical Neuropshychology, Social and Wellbeing Neuroscience and Medical Informatics. Her studies use different recording and stimulation tools (EEG, Biofeedback, ERP, Computer Aided Diagnosis) for psychophysiological measures and non-invasive brain stimulation techniques (tDCS), using a multimodal approach. Following her specialization in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology and her studies in neuropsychology, psychophysiology and medical informatics, she currently works on neuropsychology applied to neurodegenerative deseases and severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Disorders of Consciousness (DOC). She gained well-established expertise in: neuropsychological assessment; biosignal recording and processing (autonomic indices and EEG/ERPs) and quantitative-qualitative analysis. She is a member of the Italian Society of Neuropsychology (SINP) and an associated member of the Italian Association of Psychology (AIP). She is also a researcher at the Computer Science Department, University of Bari, in Medical Informatics.


Publications in Books and Peer Reviewed Journals

Pascarella, A., Fiorenza, S., Masotta, O., Tibollo, V., Vella, D., Nardone, A., ... & De Cicco, D. (2018). Multicentre registry of brain-injured patients with disorder of consciousness: rationale and preliminary data. Functional neurology, 33(1), 19.

Crivelli, M. T. Angelillo, A. Colucci, R. Nardulli & M. Balconi (2017). When is a novel psychometric measure needed? A preliminary analysis regarding the Cognitive Assessment for Stroke Patients (CASP) battery compared with MMSE and MoCA. Applied Neuropsychology: Adult, Published online: 10 May 2017. DOI:10.1080/23279095.2017.1320556

Lancioni, G. E., Olivetti Belardinelli, M., Chiapparino, C., Angelillo, M.T., Stasolla, F., Singh, N. N., O¹Reilly, M. F., Sigafoos, J., & Oliva, D.(2008). Learning in post-coma persons with profound multiple disabilities: Two case evaluations. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities, 20, 209-216

Lancioni, G. E., Olivetti Belardinelli, M., Stasolla, F., Singh, N. N., O¹Reilly, M. F., Sigafoos, J., & Angelillo, M. T. (2008). Promoting engagement, requests and choice by a man with post-coma pervasive motor impairment and minimally conscious state through a technology-based program. Developmental. Journal of and Physical Disabilities, 20, 379-388


Contributions to National and International Conferences



Maria Teresa Angelillo, Daniela De Filippis, Domenico Intiso & Michela Balconi. Coma to community nei migranti: integrazione socio-sanitaria nella presa in carico dei pazienti con disordine della coscienza. Atti del congresso SIMM 2018 - Catania

De filippis, c. Spinosa, d. Rusich,M.T. Angelillo, M. Bossola, & M. Balconi. Development of a new approach for neuropsychological and clinical screening in fragile subjects and immigrate patients with chronic disease.Atti del Congresso First Joint Congress Of The Sepex, Sepneca And Aip Experimental- Madrid 2018



Donato Impedovo, Giuseppe Pirlo, Maria Teresa Angelillo and Gennaro Vessio.Towards a digitized protocol based on handwriting for the assessment of neurodegenerative disorders.  Workshop on artificial intelligence with application in health, Bari, Italy, november 14, 2017.



Höfner E, Kofler M, Angelillo MT, Saltuari L. Quantifizierung kognitiver Prozesse in der Remission des Sindrome Apallica. Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Neurorehabilitation, 28. – 29.10.2005. Österreichischen Gesellschaft für FunktionelleMagnetresonanztomograe. Wien, Austria





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