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The NIRScout is a-compact fNIRS neurominging solution that offers the versatility and scalability to accomodate a broad range of research applications in that it allows for real-time hemoglobin measurements of the cerebral cortex. Our device offers 8 sources and 8 detectors.The NIRScout interfaces with a diverse array of available headgear and optical probes. Turn-key solutions are available for multimodal acquisition with EEG, MRI, TMS, and Eyetracking. This system has several digital input/output options for precise event marker triggering and a real-time data streaming option is available for BCI/neurofeedback applications.

SynAmps 32-channel Neuroscan System

SynAmps is a software-programmable amplifier capable of true DC or AC recording. The unit is an integrated physiological data acquisition system that can be configured for 8, 16, 24 or 32 channels and include ultra-low noise amplification, 16-bit analog-to-digital (A-to-D) conversion and digital filtering. Multiple units can also be connected together to provide completely synchronized acquisition for up to 256 channels. SynAmps can acquire data at rates of up to 20 KHz per each of 32 channels, 50 KHz per each of 8 channels, or 100 KHz per each of 4 channels.

V-AMP 16-channel Neuroscan system

V-amp is an extremely handy precision amplifier. Its unparalleled compact design hides a great deal of excellent technical specifications. V-amp is perfectly suited for virtually all bio-electrical signals ever established in life sciences. Continuous EEG, EP, EOG, ECG, EMG, EDA, GSR, Plethysmography, cNIBP and works together with a wide range of other devices such as force transducers, respiration belts, pulseoxymeters, blood gas analyzer, anything is possible.

Biofeedback system

Bluetooth Module for sensing Skin Conductance, Pulse Frequency, Temperature, and Motility:

  • Channels: 4
  • Notch Filter: 50/60Hz
  • Class 2 Bluetooth
  • Operating distance: ~10m
  • Transmission power: 10mW
Neurofeedback system - EEG

The ProComp2™ is a compact yet powerful 2 channel device that allows a second clinical system offering a take-home device that is convenient to wear on a headband or a shirt collar.

The ProComp2™ contains a built-in EEG sensor (simply connect an extender cable for EEG monitoring and biofeedback), and it can use any two of the ProComp Infiniti™ sensors. The ProComp2™ system contains all the peripherals to easily connect it to a desktop or laptop IBM-compatible PC.

Eye Tracker X120

Tobii X120 Eye Trackers are stand-alone eye tracking units designed for eye tracking studies of real-world flat surfaces or scenes such as physical objects, projections and video screens. They enable studies requiring specific stimuli setups, such as studies of shopping shelves, newspapers or television.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

A compact magnetic stimulator unit, capable of repetitive rate output at high power levels. The system is highly versatile and is compatible with the full range of Magstim coils. The system can be interfaced with different EMG systems.

In addition, the Magstim Rapid2 can also deliver single pulse stimulation protocols.
Transcranial Stimulation

Transcranial stimulation with low-intensity direct current (tDCS) or alternating current (tACS, tRNS) generates neuromodulations in spontaneous neuronal activity.  The BrainStim Stimulator with its wide range of stimulation paradigms, has been developed and validated as a technique to enhance rehabilitation in a variety of central nervous system pathologies (migraine, depressive states, epilepsy, motion disorders, language disorders, spasticity, tinnitus, memory disorders, Parkinson’s, etc.).

Navigation - Softaxic Optic

The neuronavigation system is composed of a position sensor, made of an IR polarisoptical tracking unit which is available in two models: Polaris Vicra and Polaris Spectra. The only difference between these models is the dimension of their acquisition volume, that is the useful space for objects tracking; the Spectra unit has a volume much more bigger than the Vicra model.