Simona Amenta - Senior Researcher

Simona Amenta is a Psychologist and she got a Ph.D. in Psychology at the Catholic University of Milan. Following her specialisation in Psychology of Communication, her research interests focused mainly on language and pragmatics. Her most recent works focus on the study of the neurocognitive and emotional processes involved in the elaboration and comprehension of irony through the analysis of electrophysiological and psychophysiological correlates. She is currently working on emotional and attentional processes in clinical populations (autism, alcoholism, neglect).
National and International Pubblications

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National and International Conferences

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Balconi, M. & Amenta, S. (2007). Neuropsychological processes in verbal irony comprehension: an event-related potentials (ERPs) investigation. International Neuropsychological Society Meeting, July 4-7 2007, Bilbao, Spain.

National and International Book Reviews

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