Ylenia Canavesio - Junior Researcher

Ylenia Canavesio graduated in Communication and Developmental Psychology at the Catholic University of Milan. Her research interests deal mainly with clinical neuropsychology.


National and International Pubblications

Balconi, M. & Canavesio, Y. (2013). Emotional contagion and trait empathy in prosocial behavior in young people.The contribution of autonomic (facial feedback) and Balanced Emotional Empathy Scale (BEES) measures. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 35(1), 41-8.

Balconi, M. & Canavesio, Y. (2013). High-frequency rTMS improves facial mimicry and detection responses in an empathic emotional task. Neuroscience, 236, 12-20.

Balconi, M. & Canavesio, Y. (2013). Prosocial attitudes and empathic behavior in emotional positive vs. negative situations. Brain response (ERPs) and source localization (LORETA) analysis. Cognitive Processing, 14(1), 63-72.

Balconi, M. & Canavesio, Y. (2013). High-frequency rTMS on DLPFC increases prosocial
attitude in case of decision to support people. Social Neuroscience, 9, (1) 82–93.

Balconi, M., Finocchiaro, R., & Canavesio, Y. (2014). Reward-system effect (BAS rating), left hemispheric “unbalance” (alpha and oscillations) and decisional impairments in drug addiction. Addictive Behaviors 39, 26–1032.

Balconi, M., Finocchiaro, R., & Canavesio, Y. (2014). Left Hemispheric Imbalance and Reward Mechanisms Affect Gambling Behavior: he Contribution of the Metacognition and Cortical Brain Oscillations. Clinical EEG and Neuroscience.

National and International Conference Presentations

23-24 maggio 2014
(Presentazione orale: Potenziare il profilo cognitivo dell’anziano sano tramite interventi computerizzati individualizzati e neuromodulazione: evidenze preliminari).

24-26 ottobre 2013
XXI Congresso Nazionale della Società Italiana di Psicofisiologia (session poster: DLPFC and left supramarginal gyrus activation increases the recognition of instrumental and functional violations in action representation).

18-19 settembre 2013
XIX Congresso Nazionale della Sezione di Psicologia Sperimentale (comuncazione orale: La stimolazione magnetica transcranica ripetuta incide sul feedback facciale e sulle risposte comportamentali).

12-14 settembre 2013
4th Meeting of the ESN (session poster: rTMS stimulation improves the facial mimicry and detection responses in an empathic emotional task).

9/11 Maggio 2012
Convegno Scientifico Internazionale di Neuroetica “LE NEUROSCIENZE TRA SPIEGAZIONE DELLA VITA E CURA DELLA MENTE”( Session Poster: Prosocial attitudes and proactive behavior in emotional situation.The contribute of ERPs misures).