Livia Cortesi

Livia Cortesi is a Psychologist, graduated in Neuroscience and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation at University of Bologna.

Her research interest is in motor-cognition and action representation. Her more recent work explore neural correlates of praxis with fNIRS method, combine with electrophysiological measures (EEG).

She has been trained as clinical neuropsychologist at Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital (Milan), Besta Neurological Institute (Milan) and Fatebenefratelli (Brescia).
National and International Pubblications

In submission

  • Vanutelli ME, Cortesi L, Molteni E, Balconi M (2015). fNIRS measure of transitive and intransitive gesture execution, observation and imagination in ecological setting: A pilot study.

  • Balconi M, Cortesi L (2015). Transitive vs intransitive complex gesture representation. A comparison between execution, observation and imagination by fNIRS.

  • Balconi M, Vanutaelli ME, Bartolo A, Cortesi L (2015). Transitive and intransitive gesture execution and observation compared to resting state. The hemodynamic measures (fNIRS).
  • Cortesi L, Emanuele B, Finocchiaro R, Molteni E, Balconi M, Motor imagery, movement observation and movement execution: cerebral hemodynamic patterns in fNIRS, XXI National Congress of the Italian Society of Psychophysiology Abstracts, in Neuropsychological Trends 2014(16): 81
National and International Conferences

XX National Congress of Experimental Psychology, Pavia, Italy. Observe, execute and imagine a gesture: a fNIRS and EEG multi-methodic study – Original Title: Osservare, eseguire ed immaginare un gesto, uno studio in multimetodica fNIRS ed EEG