Andrea Terenzi

Andrea Terenzi graduated in Developmental and Communication Psychology at the Catholic University of Milan. His research interests deal mainly with the moral judgment, decision-making and theory of mind. He works on the responses to different types of moral dilemmas and to the resolution of IOWA Gambling  Task. In particular he studies the role of emotive and cognitive processes both automatic and controlled through the analysis of electrophysiological and psychophysiological correlates.
National and International Pubblications

Balconi, M. & Terenzi, A. (2011) Neuroethicsin adeontological and utilitariancontext.An ERP analysis on the “emotional effect”, 8th World Congress of IBRO (International Brain Research Organization).Florence-Italy, July 14-18 2011.

Balconi, M. & Terenzi, A. (2011) Neuroethics in deontological and  (Poster Presentation)utilitarian Contexts. Erp and biofeedback analysis on the “emotional effect “,The 3rd scientific meeting of the ESN (Federation of European Societies of Neuropsychology).Basel, September 7-9 2011.

Balconi, M. &Terenzi, A. (2011) Neuroetica delle rispostedeontologiche e utilitaristiche. Analisi del ruolo delle emozioni nella decisione morale indagato mediante ERP, XVII Congresso nazionale della sezione di psicologia sperimentaleCatania, 14-16 Settembre 2011.

Balconi, M. (in press). Neuropsychology of moral judgment and risk seeking: what in common? A new look on emotional contribution to decision-making, in Neuroscience and decision making, A. Sirigu – A. Innocenti, (Ed.) USA, Routledge.

National and International Conferences

Balconi, M. &Terenzi, A. (2011) To take a decision in a deontological and utilitarian context. The N200 ERP effect as an “emotional” marker,Convegnoscientificoneuroetica. Le neuroscienze incontrano le altre discipline- Incontri su neuroscienza e società- III Edizione. Padova, 4-6 Maggio 2011. Vincitore del1° Premio come poster per migliore giovane ricercatore

Balconi, M. & Terenzi, A. (2010). Neural correlates of moral judgement, responsability and risk seeking: what in common? CONVEGNO SCIENTIFICO NEUROETICA. LE GRANDI QUESTIONI- Incontri su neuroscienza e società- II Edizione. Padova, 5-7 MAY 2010

Balconi, M. & Terenzi, A. (2010). Neuropsychology of moral judgement, responsability and risk seeking: what in common? LabSiCONFERENCE on Neuroscience and Decision Making. Siena, 20-21 SEPTEMBER 2010