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Prof. Michela Balconi, Ph.D.


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Publications: >300 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

H-Index = 33

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Michela Balconi, PhD, is Professor of “Psychophysiology and Cognitive Neuroscience”“Neuropsychology”“Neuropsychology of Well-being in the Lifespan” and “Neuromarketing and Psychology of Advertising” at the Faculty of Psychology of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan and Brescia.
She also leads the Research Unit in Affective and Social Neuroscience. She manages the research activities of the Laboratory for Cognitive Psychology and of many assistants and collaborators.

Michela Balconi’s research interests mainly concern Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychophysiology. In agreement with the relevance of proper integration between the body and the mind, she has studied and introduced new methods to analyze and explore the relationship between affective, communication and cognitive processes and physiological markers – e.g. the application of fNIRS (functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) technique and EEG frequency bands analysis to the investigation of social-affective processes and consciousness correlates, and the use of non-invasive brain stimulation (TMS, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and tES, transcranial Electric Stimulation) in clinical and experimental contexts.

She has founded and is Editor-in-Chief of the international peer-reviewed online journal "Neuropsychological Trends" (indexed in PsycINFOand SCOPUS). Moreover, she contributes to many neuropsychology and neuroscience journals as a Scientific Reviewer. 
She is Director and Scientific-Educational Coordinator of the II level University Master Program in Neuropsychology: Assessment, Diagnosis and Rehabilitation. She also regularly organizes lessons, courses, workshops and conferences on hot topics in clinical and experimental neurosciences, hosting national and international participants.
She is a member of the Faculty and of the Educational Committee of the PhD School in Psychology at the Catholic University of Milan. Besides supervising PhD students, she is actually involved in organizing and managing the course on Quantitative Research Methods.
She is Scientific Coordinator of the Neurocognitive Potentiation Group (NeuPot), Italian Association of Psychology (AIP).
She is a member of the Ministerial Committee for the drafting of the guidelines: "New treatments for rare diseases", Reviewer and evaluator of 11 national projects (MIUR: PRIN / FIRB) international (Grant Marie Curie, BandiCordis).
She is scientific representative of the DiLIBTechnology District (Lombard Biomedical Innovation District) for the Department of Psychology of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan.
She is Head of the Life Sciences Technology Cluster for the Department of Psychology of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan.
She is Scientific Referent of the Questio/Eupolissystem (Quality Evaluation in Science and Technology for Innovation Opportunity) Lombardy Region for the Department of Psychology, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan and Scientific Responsible of the Research and Innovation Center (CRTT) Lombardy Region for the Department of Psychology, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, since 2011.
She is Member of the Board of the Italian Society of Psychophysiology (SIPF) as Auditor and then Director, Member of the Ethics Committee for AIP, Ordinary Member of Society/International and national organizations, among the main hypales: International Neuropsychological Society (INS), International Brain Research Organization (IBRO); Federation of the European Societies of Neuropsychology (FESN); Society for Psychophysiological Research (USA); Italian Association of Psychology (AIP); Italian Society of Neuropsychology (SINP); Italian Society of Psychologists of the Neuropsychological Area (SPAN) Italian Society of Psychophysiology (SIPF); Italian Society of Aging Psychology (SIPI); Italian Society of Neuroethics and Philosophy of Neuroscience (SINe).
She is an organizer and member of Scientific Committees for conventions, congresses, and national and international workshops, regularly starting in 2007: national conferences in collaboration with various scientific societies (SINP, SIPF, SIPI).
She is Head of Communication for the Media of the Order of Psychologists of Lombardy and Ordinary Member of the Order of Psychologists of Lombardy (OPL).