Research line: Neurocognitive empowerment



Is it possible to enhance cognitive skills, emotion regulation or behavioural performance in healthy subjects, going beyond clinical application of neurorehabilitation techniques? How can we use neuroscientific tools to promote peak performance or better the assessment of individual potential in applied contexts? Recent advancements in neuroscience research and latest technological developments fostered valuable progresses in the field of neurocognitive empowerment understood as the application of neuroscientific methods, techniques and tools to promote self-empowerment and optimize cognitive, affective or social skills. Our most recent research efforts concerned the development of novel enhancement protocols aimed at improving neurocognitive efficiency, functional stress regulation, and subjective well-being via wearable neurotechnologies and brain training practices. Building on mental training, neurofeedback and neuromodulation practices, such protocols was applied, for example, in the field of healthy aging, age management and executive control at the workplace, peak performance in sports, stress management in high-education contexts, and proactive prevention of distracted driving.



Keywords: Neurocogntive Empowerment; Peak Performance; Cognitive-affective enhancement; Self-awareness; Self-regulation