Research line: Action & inter-actions



How can we cross the bridge between our and others’ minds and understand their behaviour? How is our ability to flexibly adapt our actions to complex contexts and regulate social interaction supported by our brain? Every action and inter-action that we carry out in our everyday life is actually a rich experience where behaviour is governed by constant feedback received from the external environment and other agents. Neuroscience helped sketching a clearer picture of neural mechanisms and cognitive processing involved in action understanding, motor control, and motor learning. Latest developments gradually moved the attention of our research towards understanding how to investigate and improve the ability to plan, imagine, and execute complex acts, such as optimal athletic gestures, as well as towards developing novel protocols to assess social dynamics, empathic attunement, and inter-brain synchronization via hyperscanning during real-life social exchanges, such as workplace team-work or psychological therapy.



Keywords: Action; Interaction; Social understand; Hyperscanning; Behaviour regulation